Who We Are

Creating more unified and vibrant communities.


The Spirit of Giving network creates alliances with nonprofit organizations by sharing resources and providing education to strengthen our communities.

Our programs include:

  • Annual Back to School PBC!
  • the Roofclaim.com Boca Raton Bowl
  • Annual Holiday Gift Drive
  • Community Spirit Race
  • Nonprofit Training, Networking, and Engagement
  • Forum for Nonprofits Radio Program


To create more unified, vibrant communities.

The Spirit of Giving is a collaborative, nonprofit organization that supports nonprofits in South Florida. It is a forum where nonprofits, for-profits and community supporters share information, resources and best practices. Currently, there are 110+ nonprofit member organizations and community partners meeting on a monthly basis. The group’s objective is to streamline the delivery of services to the community by working collaboratively to solve issues and improve operations through internal and external partnerships. 


To achieve our objective these four Guiding Principles are used:

Purposeful Communication

Deliberately and intentionally creating opportunities to share information & resources.


Meetings and group activities must be meaningful and beneficial to members.


All members must commit to and fulfill their obligations to the Network in order for it to succeed.


Create formal partnership agreements with local agencies, community partners and individual supporters to maximize the distribution of resources across the community.

Our History

Dick and Barb Schmidt Headshot

In 2001, Dick & Barbara Schmidt had a holiday party and asked the guests to bring a toy for a deprived child, this resulted in over 600 gifts. They decided that they needed to determine what organizations were in need of these toys. In order to better understand the non-profits in the community and find out their missions and who they serve, the Schmidt Family Foundation called a meeting of nonprofits in the area. After bringing these organizations together, many were reluctant to share their resources, afraid they might lose some of their support. However, each month, the group would meet and share ideas. Before long, the non-profits started to believe that they could actually accomplish more as a group, making a greater impact and more easily achieving their goals. Over the next few years, the group continued to meet to share ideas and resources and determine what other areas they could address. As a result, the question, “So, where do we go from here?” was posed. In 2007, the group had a strategic planning meeting to develop a mission statement and a plan to expand their efforts. The mission & vision from that meeting is the Spirit of Giving Network – Innovative Community Collaboration.