Palm Beach County students with autism go on shopping spree

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — From the packed stores to the loud music, some holiday traditions like gift shopping can be overwhelming for a person with autism.

But now a Palm Beach County school is making shopping a part of their lesson plan.

Dozens of students at the Palm Beach School For Autism were given money on Tuesday to buy gifts for the holidays at a Super Target in suburban Lake Worth. Along the way, they learned a lesson more valuable than money.

The Spirit of Giving Network gave 64 students at the school $25 Target gift cards.

“It’s just great to see the kids picking out gifts, smiling, and being so happy with their purchase,” said Lindy Harvey, the Executive Director of the Spirit of Giving Network.

From toy cars to electronics, these teenagers got the gifts they wanted and then a lesson to help them better navigate through life.

“They are responsible for their choice of gift, budgeting, the change, paying for things, and reporting on what they’ve purchased when we get back,” said teacher Bryan Williams.

The shopping spree gave these students the gift of independence.

The 64 gift cards were just a portion of the gifts provided to students at the Palm Beach School For Autism. In total, the Spirit of Giving Network provided 386 gifts to students with autism.

To learn more about the Spirit of Giving Network, click here.

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Kids with autism go holiday shopping in Lake Worth

Kids with autism were given an opportunity to go holiday shopping on Tuesday.

For the last five years, the Spirit of Giving’s gift drive has been collecting gift card donations.

Thanks to the generosity of the community and the Spirit of Giving network, the Palm Beach School of Autism was able to hand out these gift cards so their students could buy a holiday gift for themselves or a loved one.